June 2024

Fields round here just glow after the first or second cut of hay

May 2024

“Spring: Bluebells, Wild Garlic and Sycamore”, seen on Back Lane in Week St Mary, had to be painted

April 2024

Walking the lanes here I see something different every day

Spring Light Acrylic 40x40cms

2nd March 2024

Walking by the sea is endlessly fascinating

The Wave 1

3rd January 2024

“Autumn Wind in the Hawthorns”  Watercolour 56×74 cmsAcrylic 80 x 80cms

15th September

It is a great joy living near the sea.  This painting is made from the feeling of being on the beach at Northcott Mouth when the wind was strong and the waves were breaking on the shingle

“Pebbles Sing to the Waves” 80 x 80 cms

20th August 2023

“After Rain” Acrylic on canvas 50x70cms

26th July 2023

Just finished this view I glimpsed when driving through little lanes in Devon

“Golden Light pours through the fields” Acrylic 40×50 cms

9th June 2023

“Colours of Cornish Spring Triptych” Acrylic on panels c 80 x80 cms

1st June 2023:  The Hawthorn and Cow Parsley have been abundant this spring, mixed with the acid colours of new beech hedges and the rusts and purples of new sycamore growth…

“Hawthorn and Cow Parsley”  Acrylic on canvas board 50 x 50 cms

17th March 2023

This painting has been a long exploration, but now it says some of what I feel about Autumn

“Winds Rattle the Autumn Leaves”  Acrylic on Canvas 80×80 cm

24th February 2023

Back in the studio, braving the damp and cold.  Still playing with autumn colours whilst sketching winter trees and looking at how they scribble on the sky, waiting for a painting to emerge

Autumn’s Fires: 80 x80cms acrylic on canvas

30th December 2022

Autumn Colours Linger Into Winter

Watercolour 25x25cms

5th October 2022

Coastal Fields and Hedges: Autumn

17th September 2022

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness…


“Autumn Mist” acrylic on canvas 50x50cms

1st September 2022:  another lovely day plein air absorbing the colours and textures of the autumn hedges between Burdenwell and Steel in our lovely village, has resulted in this studio version.


Blackberry Time Acrylic on Canvas 80x80cms

6th August 2022

There is this field just 10 minutes walk from my door…


“August Field Margins”

24th July 2022

Continuing a theme of painting the glorious hedgerows here in Cornwall, this time in this very hot dry weather


“Rosebay Willowherb and Tall Grass”

24th June 2022

I have been backwards and forwards with this one, definitely had one of those “should have stopped earlier” moments but now happy that this has the feeling that I wanted


“Wind in the Long Grass” 80×80 acrylic on canvas


“Foxglove Summer” 80x80cms Acrylic on canvas

19th May 2022:  Have been playing with this one for weeks, now I’m happy.  Inspired by the glorious colours of beech, hawthorn, sycamore, bluebells, campion and cow parsley in the hedgerows and the changeable weather in the sky.


“Spring Hedges” 80x80cms Acrylic on canvas

“Inside the Wave”


Painting with the intention of “being the sea”: trying to find its strength, turbulence, the way it is acted on by other forces and thinking about abstract landscapes and trying to find gesture, strength and weather in what I paint


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