This one suddenly came together in a way that I love, that shows me something new: see below for my struggles with it!



Trying to decide if this is full of movement or just too busy


More on Being the Sea: “The Pull of the Moon” (well, I liked one out of the six I was exploring today!)


Painting with the intention of “being the sea”: trying to find its strength, turbulence, the way it is acted on by other forces


Following on in the series painting the sea on this beautiful wild North Cornwall Coast




Starting to explore ways to paint the sea, in a series using pthalo blue, napthol red and indian yellow.

This one, Widemouth Wave, has some of the strength of the sea at its meeting with the land, that I was looking for


but this one has wandered off for a while, just sitting with it for a bit now to see if I can bring it back (or perhaps it wants to go somewhere else)!



Earth from the Air 1: I have always loved those NASA shots of the blue planet, but now also thinking about climate change and rising sea levels.  Think it’s finished but need to sit with it for a few days…


Thinking about abstract landscapes and trying to find gesture, strength and weather in what I paint: two versions of Trebarwith in February (when the sea rushes in)



Written on the Land 2″: part of my 100 days project to paint Steele Hill, just 10 minutes’ walk from my door and a great way to be spending Lockdown 3 (now selected for the Wayland Drangonfly Gallery summer Open Exhibition and available for sale there)



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